The Downtown Parking Management District strives to provide plentiful, accessible, low cost and free parking throughout Downtown Pensacola. With 1,754 off-street spaces and 7,075 on-street spaces, you will find 8,829 parking spots dispersed in convenient locations throughout downtown.

To learn more about the importance of efficient and effective municipal public parking, click here for an interesting and revealing video of Donald Shoup, an industry leader in public parking.

To view the Downtown Pensacola Parking Management Strategy please click here.

For more information, including an interactive map, visit

This downloadable map highlights parking zones that are free, time managed and paid. To make your experience easy and efficient, we also point out areas where parking is not permitted. If you park in a paid lot, ask the retailer you’re visiting if they participate in our validation program…your parking may just be free.

download a printable PDF version of the parking map